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What is Mathematica

Mathematica is renowned as the world's ultimate application for computations. But it's much moreā€”it's the only development platform fully integrating computation into complete workflows, moving you seamlessly from initial ideas all the way to deployed individual or enterprise solutions.

Appropriate at all scales: from one-off mini-applications to large-scale infrastructure projects.

Mathematica 11

Wolfram's original flagship technical computation product, continuously expanded for 25+ years, and now available both on desktop and in the cloud.

New in Mathematica 11

It adds 700+ new functions in the areas

  • Geometric Computation
  • Differential Equation Solving
  • Engineering Computaion
  • Machine Learning
  • Image Processing
  • Software Engineering
  • Multi-Paradigm Programming
  • Implementing the Wolfram Language

Mathematica has been built ground-up over 20 years to deliver one vision: the ultimate technical application and environment.

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Excellent detailed information:
Wolfram Research

Resources at Wolfram Research

Exploit our Experience

We offer general, on site and online training and conduct industry scale projects.

Mathematica at Work

To increase your benefit, we look for application-license-price optimization. Examples:

  • Country wide general licenses for Austrian universities and colleges
  • A comprehensive license for the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in Germany
  • and comprehensive licenses for enterprises including banks, energy suppliers and engineering companies.

Pricing / Ordering

All products shown on the price list can be ordered from us with purchase order (preferable E-mail).

All products are provided as downloads. Media (DVD) shipment on request (shipment fee will depend on weight and destination).

Payment methods: bank transfer, credit card or check.

All prices are excl. VAT. (No VAT is added for European Union residents if VAT ID Number is specified upon ordering.)

Wolfram Store

Alternatively you may purchase all products in the Wolfram Store (payment with credit card only).

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