uni software plus

for creating understandable
computational models

What it is

A universal tool for creating understandable computational models from data.

It combines fuzzy logic based machine learning methods. Fully implemented in C++, mlf is integrated into Mathematica.

Its differential advantage

It creates understandable, numerically optimized computational models.

Fuzzy logic based approaches create linguistically interpretable models, which can be computed like black boxes.

Mathematica's unique computing and programming environment allows quickest customization and configuration of solution integration.

Download mlf white paper.

New in Version 2.2

  • Mathematica 10 compatible.
  • Mathematica 9 or 10 required.

Download a detailed description of the
new features of version 2.2.

For whom it is

professionals, who want to extract models from data:

  • business and financial engineers
  • process- and manufacturing engineers
  • quality assurance professionals

Experts who want to integrate data mining and machine learning solutions

  • knowledge engineers
  • machine learning experts

Its coverage

  • Analysis
  • Prediction
  • Visualization Information

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