Industrial IoT Meet-Up Linz

“Applied Artificial Conference 2019”
28. May 2019
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14. June 2019

Thank you for being part...

of our first Industrial IoT Meet-Up in Linz, presented by Vienna Data Science Group and uni software plus GmbH. We also will thank our speakers Christoph Schönegger (ENGEL Austria GmbH), Radovan Kavicky (Vienna Data Science Group) and Stefan Janezek (uni software plus GmbH) for the interesting talks. It was a pleasure to discuss this current topic with so many experts. To be continued …


Industrial IoT Meet-Up

Everyone is talking about Big-Data and its increasing importance. You are interested in this topic and want to learn more about integrating such solutions into your business? You want to listen to experts and think that afternoon coffee is the best time to discuss?

uni software plus GmbH is pleased to invite you to the first Meet-Up presented together with the Vienna Data Science Group in Linz.

  • Date: Tuesday, 18.06.2019
  • Time: 5 pm till 6 pm
  • Location: Hotel Kolping Linz, Gesellenhaustraße 5, 4020 Linz


"The Evolution of Machine Data Pipelines at ENGEL" by Christoph Schönegger
(ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH) and Stefan Janecek (uni software plus GmbH)

"Building 1st Data Science Community in Slovakia" by Radoven Kavicky (Vienna Data Science Group)

Afterwards: Discussion with drinks & snacks
The Meet-Up will be in English language.

Registration (open until 14.06.2019)


Further Information

"The Evolution of Machine Data Pipelines at ENGEL":

According to Forbes [1], 90 percent of the data humanity owns today has been generated in the past two years. One of the main drivers behind this breath-taking world-wide data growth is industrial IoT (IIoT), the extension of the "internet of things" (IoT) to the industrial sector. In their talk, Christoph Schönegger (Engel Austria) and Stefan Janecek (uni software plus) will share their story of developing the "Engel Edge Device", a secure solution for collecting, cleaning, aggregating and processing IIoT data "on the edge", i.e., close to the source of the data.

The Edge Device System allows to centrally manage containerized applications, and deploy them to small hardware appliances running "on the edge". These applications range from simple ETL (extract transform load) processes to algorithms that make decisions based on data and feed those decisions back into production machines.

Since security is paramount in industrial applications, the Edge Devices are protected by strong cryptography, using the on-board TPM 2.0 chip as a trust anchor. In addition to the security considerations on the Edge Device itself, the talk will also describe the secure data logistics solution to transfer data from the Edge Devices to a central Hadoop data lake.

[1] forbes

We are looking forward to welcome you to an informative evening!