Wolfram Products

Wolfram is renowned as one of the world’s leading companies for computation and data science. Their technology and solution stack allow to fully integrate computation into complete workflows, moving you seamlessly from initial ideas all the way to deployed individual or enterprise solutions. Wolfram technologies are appropriate at all scales: from one-off mini-applications to large-scale infrastructure projects. uni software plus GmbH has been a Wolfram reseller for more than 20 years. Our experts consult you in product selection and support you to integrate Wolfram solutions into your IT landscape.


Algo Service

Our Algorithm Service (AS) is a highly flexible service framework for interactively connecting industrial IoT data with your self-developed algorithms, which is based on Java Spring ™ and supports several underlying database persistence layers via JPA. Any given IoT input packets can be continuously imported using a HATEOAS compatible REST interface or by Kafka and are uniquely identified using JSON meta information or AVRO serialization/deserialization. AS enables you to easily deploy your individual algorithm suite supporting different technologies such as native Executable, Scripts, Java, Scala, Python, Mathematica Notebooks, MatLab Runtime, etc., and connecting them to incoming data based on meta information tags. A customizable and secure web interface offers rich upload, download, management and search functionalities for different user roles within your company.


Device Management - Fog Computing

uni software plus develops an IoT edge device for collecting and processing industrial IoT data. The device supports dozens of connectivity protocols (e.g., MQTT, Kafka, REST) and backend systems (e.g., Hadoop, Cassandra, SQL databases). Fog computing applications - from data compression to machine learning - can be deployed on the device as docker containers. Computing thus takes place "on the edge" where the data is created, enabling fast reaction times and avoiding the security implications of sending data to cloud systems.

The devices can be centrally managed through a modern web application that provides monitoring (device status, memory, cpu, security notifications), planning and roll-out of OS and security updates and management of the deployed fog applications (container management, roll-out of application updates, ...). Intellectual property contained in customer-specific fog applications is protected by strong security mechanisms where on supported hardware, the TPM chip can be used as a trust anchor.